The human brain is deemed the most important body organ. It harmonizes and restraints actions and responses as well as enables you to think and feel. Most importantly, it allows you to have feelings and memories. All of these things make you a person.

But as you age, your body processes impede – eventually causing several more issues. And your brain is no exception.

Recently noticed that you easily fall sick? Constantly fail to remember things? Otherwise, you find it tricky to focus or even hear?

These are some early signs of imbalanced signals in the organs and brain. There’s still a solution to that while keeping your pocket intact!

Synapse XT is what we call a two-in-one dietary supplement as it targets hearing capabilities and brain health. But before shelling out money, it makes sense to know whether this product can meet your expectations for a brain health supplement with this thorough review.

Who Should Use Synapse XT?

In the US, an estimated forty-five percent of adults suffer from mental health conditions at some point in their lives. Even young adults are at risk – with depression as the core mental issue caused by aloneness and poor lifestyle choices, among others. And what most people don’t realize is that hearing, and brain functions are strongly interconnected.

Tinnitus is a common problem that typically occurs in the elderly, often due to a severe problem with the paths and openings of neurotransmission. You often hear ringing, buzzing, whooshing, or other related sounds, even when the surroundings are peacefully quiet. Besides an unhealthy lifestyle, tinnitus is also a result of poor brain performance.

Enter Synapse XT. Anyone, regardless of age, can use the product to get rid of tinnitus symptoms and regain the health of your brain. It is good both for adult men and women, as long as you are someone above eighteen years old with no chronic diseases. Also, people with any stage of tinnitus can depend on the pill to restore optimal health.

Buying Synapse XT could save your pocket from crap medicines as well as your health from the potential adverse effects. Unlike OTC supplements, it is tested and proven by scientific evidence and thousands of users. Side effects are unlikely to be experienced since it is made of completely natural and effective.

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Synapse XT Reviews: Overview of the Tinnitus Supplement

Synapse XT is an all-natural, all-new dietary supplement that claims to supercharge the brain and maintain a healthy hearing. It is a unique blend of organic ingredients with a renowned history in the world of medicine. It guarantees to provide users with a handful of benefits and fabulous results within weeks or months, depending on various factors.

It is not only backed up by the scientific study, professionals or experts in the field also approve the use of Synapse XT. It targets several brain issues, including Alzheimer’s disease. Tinnitus symptoms are blocked and reversed before entirely developing into a non-treatable problem.

Using Synapse XT, you can save thousands of dollars from high-priced medicines, surgeries, and hearing aids. Nausea, dizziness, and headaches are gradually reduced – finally making yourself free from tinnitus and brain complications.

Pros & Cons of Synapse XT

Note that Synapse XT is not designed to cure tinnitus. Rather, bring you in the comfort zone so the underlying symptoms won’t bother you again.

Here are the pros and cons of the formula worth noting.


  • Packed with 100% natural ingredients
  • Formulated by an expert
  • Comes with easy to swallow capsules
  • A non-invasive procedure
  • Use it daily without dealing with complications
  • Supports hearing, focus, and memory
  • Supported by thousands of satisfied users
  • Relieves the communication between the ears and brain
  • Risk-free and safe to use in the regular diet
  • Save money from buying costly hearing instruments
  • Offers long-lasting result
  • Comes at a reasonable price tag
  • 60 days money-back guarantee


The supplement is available on the Official Website only

  • There is only limited stock available, which means you should wait for a couple of days once the stock runs out
  • You cannot expect immediate result since it greatly varies from users
  • Children, breastfeeding moms, pregnant women, and people with a certain health condition are constrained from taking it
  • People with allergies should check the ingredient list first before consuming some

How Does Synapse XT Work?

According to the website, Synapse XT contains several herbs and powerful ingredients obtained from various sources. They perfectly harmonize with one another.

It has four working mechanisms:

1. Toxin accumulation is one of the reasons why your brain does not properly function as well as why tinnitus occurs. The ingredients present in the supplement initially works by cleansing all those toxins.

2. Your cognitive functions are greatly transformed. Mental clarity is one benefit you can acquire once the pill enters your body longer. You’ll notice you have further thinking power with more concentration and focus.

3. There’s an improvement in patience. Thanks to the ingredients’ calming effects. Patients with tinnitus or other brain-related conditions achieve a higher sense of tranquility. That means no more ringing or whooshing interruptions every now and then. You can sleep better than before and do all those pending and future activities with a lot more confidence. Using the product will also stabilize your hormones.

4. In the last stage, Synapse XT works by ensuring your brain health is in constant improvement by revitalizing its tissues and preventing the cells from further damage. It enhances metabolism, as well. Feel more positive and spirited throughout.

Synapse XT additionally:

  • Increases the hearing capacity with the neurotransmission fluid’s salient ionic balance.
  • The several ions present are balanced out electrically. This allows the messages to be swapped over through electrical impulses.
  • The higher amount of oxygen enables the brain to better function.

With the help of these working processes, Synapse XT can build formidable armor protection against any form of brain or auditory issues. You can overcome tinnitus while boosting the clarity and volume of your hearing. Eventually, actuating several other benefits.

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Synapse XT Ingredients

It is important to check the ingredient list of a supplement as it determines the product’s extensive range of facets, including the effects and benefits. In the case of Synapse XT, it generally comprises eight unique ingredients that are properly composed with exact ratios of a blend.

It is good to know that unlike other supplements, Synapse XT has a clear, highly accessible facts nutrition label. Hence, you have a better idea of what you are putting into your mouth and whether a certain proportion is ideal for your body to consume.

Here are the main ingredients included:

Hibiscus (350mg)

Its tart syrupiness makes it a delicious cup of tea. Not to mention being rich in antioxidant properties. It is used in the treatment of inflammation, cognitive tissue, immune system, nerve tissue, and brain. Including hibiscus will also prepare your body to combat toxins and bacteria.

Hawthorn Berry (200mg)
The flavonoids contained in hawthorn berry will shield your body against many severe neurodegenerative diseases. It is packed with antioxidants, too – fighting inflammation that results in physical distress. Your immune system will also need a good amount of this ingredient for ideal function.

Garlic (200mg)
Garlic is a staple in every household kitchen. Besides transforming dishes into palatable ones, it provides numerous health benefits as well. It aids with brain function by lowering the risk of mental deterioration as you age. Taking it along with B-vitamins can help maintain your brain painlessly.

Magnesium (200mg)
Magnesium is a popular ingredient found in most brain health supplements. It claims to aid in refining brain health, reducing blood pressure, and managing depression. Other benefits include lowering insulin resistance and inflammation.

Juniper Berry
Another powerful antioxidant substance included in Synapse XT. Juniper berry helps by reversing the damage in your body cells. Upon consumption, your hearing and cognitive will be bolstered. Its antioxidant components also minimize oxidative stress while protecting the body.

Vitamin C
Human bodies achieve their desired function with the excellent aid of vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system besides creating and maintaining teeth and cartilage. Even in the health of your brain, it proves to be dominant. Vitamin C helps to regulate mood and the production of catecholamines such as dopamine.

Here’s another potent ingredient in Synapse XT, B-vitamins stimulate ameliorate and serotonin mood. It has been linked to reducing the possible risk of getting dementia or any age-related complications.

Several studies indicate that these can give your body enough energy to generate new brain cells in conjunction with buchu leaves and  vitamin B12 Therefore, helping you to think lucidly and boost the ability of your acumen.

Green Tea
The green tea improves neurotransmitters within the body as well as supports hearing health. Working alongside other ingredients further heightens its potencies, such as when integrated with vitamin C and juniper berry, it offers L-theanine and antioxidants that assist with dopamine, serotonin, and GABA activities.

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Benefits of Using Synapse XT

The supplement’s main function is to improve auditory and brain health, but there’s more to that. Below are the advertised benefits of using it:

Soothes Mind
Since those constant and annoying buzzing or ringing sounds are eliminated, you have no more struggle getting sound sleep every night. Hence, rupturing stress levels and increasing mood levels. It’s always nice to wake up in the morning fully restored.

Improves Attention and Focus
The credit goes to the neural stimulants found in the servings of Synapse XT. An increased level of attention and focus means you can perform routine activities in a quick-witted and effective manner.

Alleviates Mental Fatigue
Perhaps one of the undervalued qualities of the pill is the reliable communication it offers between the brain and neural cells of a person. Not only will it result in a faster mental reaction but also minimize the risk of mental fatigue as well.

May Improve Digestion
If you also suffer from digestive issues like constipation or gas, Synapse XT could also aid in this situation. Thanks to some of the ingredients present as they are known to improve digestion.

Other prominent benefits include reducing ear infections resisting minor or major ailments and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Side Effects of Synapse XT?

Out of thousands of people who relied on Synapse XT to get relief from tinnitus and improve brain function, none of them have reported moderate to severe side effects thus far, which is a good thing since you are guaranteed its safe and efficient usage. It is forceful with its all-natural ingredients and pledges to deliver health benefits.

We intend to walk you through its amazing highlights that may end your speculation about the product’s potential effects.

  • The formula is made in an FDA & GMP certified facility. This means each capsule undergoes strict sanitary and safety guidelines.
  • The recipe is non-GMO and vegan-friendly. A wide array of people can take the pill and get instant remedy.
  • The overall arrangement is profoundly examined, tried, and proven. You can be assured there are no manufactured portions, artificial concoctions, or other harmful preservatives. It only promotes 100% formulation.

However, just in case, you could experience a soaring energy level to the point of hindering your sleeping pattern. But there’s nothing to worry about since this is only a slight annoyance.

Some ingredients are also known to give mild effects once taken, so anyone with prevailing allergies should take proper precautions before taking it. Overdosage is another common case where side effects likely occur.

Consulting a physician is always a great idea. Determine the status of your mental and physical health before incorporating the supplement.

Who Should Refrain from Using Synapse XT?

Being an all-natural supplement doesn’t mean anyone is permitted to consume Synapse XT. Still, there are certain groups of individuals who are strictly advised not to use it; otherwise, their health will be jeopardized.

If you are:

  • Under 18 years old
  • Pregnant
  • A lactating or nursing mother
  • Have an underlying medical condition
  • Have a chronic disease
  • Have an allergy to any of the expressed ingredients above

Then, unfortunately, Synapse XT cannot fulfill your needs for complete relief from auditory and brain issues. However, people with mild conditions may be given the authority to take the pill. But then again, let your doctor decide on this matter.

Dosage & Tips to Start

Synapse XT comes with easy to swallow capsules. One bottle contains 60 capsules, which could last you for a month. Using it is no advanced science. You don’t even have to invest in kitchen equipment and spend tons of hours doing some recipe preparation.

Since the formula is available in containers, you should simply take the suggested portion. Take two capsules regularly along with water.

Ensure not to miss any dosage. The ingredients work efficiently and naturally without side effects. Expect to feel healthy, both physically and mentally, to tackle daily challenges.

Synapse XT is a straightforward enhancement and relief pill that won’t require you to attend recurrent checkups or go through expensive surgery. It goes to the core of the problem, so have an assurance your life will gradually be restored in no time.

But since the product is all-natural, it takes a bit of time to completely expect significant changes. Results vary from a person and depend on your steadiness and effort in using the supplement.

Though generally, you can expect at least two to three months before the pills come into effect. Don’t fret if you have been using it for thirty days, and yet results seem hard to notice.

Where to Buy Synapse XT and Guarantees?

Note that you can only buy Synapse XT from the Official Website. Just follow the process of the order and fill in a few basic pieces of information, and your package will immediately be delivered. Synapse XT is available in 3 packages:

Package 1: One bottle (60 capsules) worth $69. The shipment and handling fee costs $7.95.

Package 2: Three bottles (180 capsules) worth $177 or $59 per bottle. You can get a 15% discount along with free shipping and handling.

Package 3: Six bottles (360 capsules) worth $294 or $49 per bottle. Get free delivery and handling plus up to 30% discount.

The order can be delivered within three to five days. Individuals who are new to Synapse XT and want to try its effectiveness first can opt for one bottle. You can then purchase the 3 or 6 packs if you think it can meet your requirements for a brain-boosting supplement. Doing so will clearly help you incur big savings.

Now, what if Synapse XT doesn’t work for you? Don’t worry because there’s no risk from you. Consumers are protected with the product’s 60 days money-back guarantee. In case it didn’t turn out the way you supposed it to be, just email the customer team anytime, and they will purchase it back from you.

Synapse XT Review: Closing Thoughts

Fortunately, with continuously advanced formulations, paying for costly medicine and hearing kits will no longer be a burden. Synapse XT has wholesome ingredients to treat hearing issues and keep the brain in tiptop shape.

With reliable use, you could see a considerable decrease in ringing and piercing sound within your ears. Use it to impede the underlying cause of tinnitus, enhance brain function, and, best of all, help you live a healthier life.

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